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Amazon Product Analysis Tool chrome extension for amazon sellers Xray
Powerful marketplace insights available directly on your browser
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What is the Helium 10 Chrome Extension?

It’s a powerful on-browser product research tool. Instantly evaluate Amazon search results for new opportunities, forecast and calculate product sales, analyze the competition, and more.
browser extension amazon fba
chrome extension for amazon Xray – Amazon Product Research
Validate potential product opportunities. All the information you need to make the right call is here—revenue estimates, price, sales trends, sponsored ad analytics, and much more.
Supplier Finder
We’ve partnered with to help you identify the most reliable suppliers for potential products on Xray.
Demand Analyzer
Instantly generate an overview of a potential product’s marketplace demand on Amazon while browsing
amazon profits calculator Profitability Calculator
Get a clear picture of a potential product’s ROI by accurately measuring all costs against expected revenue.
bulk ASIN copy ASIN Grabber
Copy ASINs in bulk to quickly create targeted ads. Find potentially hot selling products for the next year or a specific holiday or season.
download amazon reviews Review Insights
Sort and export customer reviews from product listings to uncover customer insights, pain points, and product issues.
check amazon inventory Inventory Levels
See how much stock your competitors have available and reveal which listing is close to running low.
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