Cortex Xpanse: Two-Time Leader, Outperformer, Market-Beater


Figure 1: Xpanse is the only Leader and Outperformer in the 2023 GigaOm Radar ASM evaluation
Figure 1: Xpanse is the only Leader and Outperformer in the 2023 GigaOm Radar ASM evaluation


In the crowded and confusing world of attack surface management (ASM) solutions and capabilities, Cortex Xpanse stands out as a Leader and Outperformer yet again.

In this GigaOm Radar, both standalone ASM solutions and individual attack surface visibility capabilities are compared to the fundamental features security teams should expect from such products. Cortex® Xpanse™ earned a Leader position by going beyond expected capabilities with better flexible asset discovery, frequency of discovery, extensibility, and also by being the only vendor with the ability to automatically resolve attack surface risks.


“Expander v2, with its Active Response module, is now able to automatically resolve exposures delivering on the management portion of attack surface management, which is unique to Expander” - GigaOm


Xpanse received the highest combined "Key Criteria" score across flexibility in asset discovery, active assessment capabilities, the internal attack surface management, risk scoring, and asset categorization. The report highlights several favorable points about Xpanse's Expander solution. Here are a few of them:

1.“Expander also offers comprehensive and frequent discovery results, some of the most frequent of all ASM solutions included in this report.” - GigaOm

Asset discovery is a critical component of ASM, and we scored one of the highest ratings for flexibility in asset discovery and the only vendor to receive the “exceptional” rating for internal ASM. Unlike some vendors, Xpanse doesn't just offer ASM as a capability, but as a complete standalone solution. Xpanse helps your organization actively find and also proactively fix your known and unknown internet-connected risks.

2.“Expander leverages two types of scanning infrastructure…which allow Xpanse to deliver results that stalwarts of the internet scanning industry, like Shodan, are unable to.” - GigaOm

Expander offers the most current, complete, and accurate view of an organization’s constantly changing attack surface. Security teams can use this unique visibility to constantly monitor their dynamic cloud assets and instantly react to alerts and incidents.

3.“Expander performs protocol-level handshakes to determine service types, which is a nice feature that increases the certainty of results…” - GigaOm

Xpanse can help your organization identify and mitigate unknown risks, fix security blind spots, prevent ransomware, eliminate shadow cloud, reduce cyber insurance, respond immediately to zero days, and more.

Not only has Xpanse been named a Leader for the second year in a row, we have also been recognized as the only Outperformer for "solution evolution" in the next 12-18 months which is a testament to our product vision to help organizations actively find but also proactively fix their known and unknown internet-connected risks to prevent security incidents.

So if you're looking for an ASM solution that helps your organization actively discover, learn about and respond to unknown risks in all connected systems and exposed services and at the same time truly outperforms all other solutions in the market, look no further than Xpanse.

To learn more, download the GigaOm Radar for Attack Surface Management report today.