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Helium 10 Pricing Plan vs Jungle Scout Pricing Plan

Curious to see how Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout pricing plans stack up? We have price details, tools included, and more!

Both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout offer three primary tool suites geared towards different levels of e-commerce sellers. 

The Helium 10 Starter Plan and Jungle Scout Basic Plan (Tier 1) are both tailored towards newer sellers who are still getting their feet wet in the Amazon marketplace and need some help getting their first product idea off the ground. 

The Helium 10 Platinum Plan and Jungle Scout Suite (Tier 2) are made for sellers who have their business up and running but need expanded tools to manage their profits, inventory, and marketing. Tier 2 is where users will find the “must-have” selection of core sellers tools to be truly successful on Amazon (or Walmart!)

The Helium 10 Diamond Plan and Jungle Scout Professional Plan (Tier 3) are meticulously designed for more experienced sellers who are ready to scale their business with full seller-tool access. Tier 3 is for sellers who are serious about their e-commerce business.

Below is a look at pricing for each tier, comparing Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout:

Money Back Guarantee

Helium 10: 30-day money-back guarantee

Jungle Scout: 7-day money-back guarantee

Additional Plans

Both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout offer enterprise solutions for agencies and large brands.

Helium 10 has a FREE plan, allowing users to try out the tools before paying. The Helium 10 free plan includes:

  • Limited access to all product research tools, keyword research tools, and listing optimization tools
  • Limited access to operations tools, including Alerts and Inventory Management
  • Profit tracking analytic tools for Amazon and Walmart
  • Limited access to Helium 10’s QR code marketing tool

Notable Takeaways 

  • Helium 10 offers select tools specifically made for sellers (or Amazon sellers looking to expand into the marketplace) This includes the Chrome Extension, Cerebro, and Magnet.
  • Helium 10 offers its own PPC management suite, Adtomic. With Adtomic, Amazon sellers can automate their PPC campaigns with AI smart suggestions and simplify the Amazon advertising process with their very own customizable dashboard.
  • Both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout offer specific tools that the other does not. Jungle Scout offers a separate Supplier Database, where Helium 10 offers QR code integration and a product insert studio.
  • Differences in Price point – Helium 10 and Jungle Scout Tier 1 plans are both comparable. For Tier 2 & 3 plans, Jungle Scout comes in at lower price points (but with fewer offerings)

Last Updated on March 9, 2022, 1:33 pm

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