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Amazon Market Research Tool

Track the Big Picture

  • Take the Lead In Your Market
    Amazon market tracker tool

    Always make the right move and get ahead of your competition with a bird’s eye view of your market. Track where you stand, how your competitors are doing, and the overall health of your market.

    Amazon market tracker tool
  • Amazon products
    Markets Designed For You
    Amazon products

    Create your own targeted markets. Our smart algorithms give product suggestions that allow you to create your market with pin-point accuracy.

  • A Giant Step Ahead
    Amazon marketing metrics

    Always be a step ahead of your competitors with complete and distinct market metrics. Discover what your competitors are doing before they see you, and learn more about what drives your product performance relative to your market so you can take the necessary steps to get ahead.

    Amazon marketing metrics
  • Widen Your Insights
    Helium 10 Market Tracker

    Go beyond tracking a few products or keywords. Market Tracker gives you the big picture into the health of the markets you sell in. All the analytics, insights and rankings in one, simple dashboard. See market share, new entrants, reviews, competitor data, sales, pricing, BSR, revenue and more.

  • Always Be In The Loop

    Make the best decisions for your business. Market Tracker is updated daily so you can stay on top of your markets, keep your business healthy and analyze past data to make more informed decisions in the future.

    Market share graph
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