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Here Are A Few Of The Things You’ll
Discover Inside Scribbles:
Validates that you used as many relevant keywords as possible in your product description.
Ensures that you used the correct number of keywords if you have specific character limitations to adhere to.
Makes creating optimized product listings using all the best search terms a simple process.
Includes convenient features to retrieve previous listing drafts and the ability to import listings from your Amazon account.
Key Features
Designed to prevent you from inadvertently excluding important keywords, Scribbles makes drafting product listings so much easier. It automatically populates a “used keywords” data field as you add a given keyword to your title, description, or bullet points. Conversely, unused keywords that have not been included in your title, description, or bullet points will remain in the “unused keywords” data fields to clearly remind you to include those keywords.
Scribbles allows you to include the best keywords to the front-end and back-end of your product listing to ensure listings are fully optimized, leading to better sales. If you are selling across multiple categories, it also allows you to modify text field lengths so you can use the tool regardless of character limitations in any particular category.
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